Movement - "WASD"

Switching Elements - "Clicking the card icons" or "1,2,3,4" keys  or Mouse wheel

Placing Elements - Hover and click in the play area with mouse.

Stuck Button - If you wall yourself in there is a "I'm Stuck" button in the bottom left that appears on level 4.


A powerful being suddenly becomes aware of its own existence, and of someone in desperate need of achieving it's goals. 

Starting from nothing, you must use the power of the classic elements to create pathways for the intrepid adventurer to follow. Each new level brings additional challenges and trials that need to be solved using the alchemical abilities available to you.


Voice Acting  - Michaela Eagen

Music/Recording - Shawn Hoffman

Dialogue - Seth McDuffee

Original Art - Scott Wood

Programming - Drew Persson / Ian James

Game Design - Everyone Involved!

Some Tiles used in game  are from -

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